Are you looking for an alternative to Adsense?

I bet that you probably have several affiliate links on your site(s) and maybe even Adsense. But, have you ever thought, “what else can I do to earn more money from my existing traffic”? If this sounds familiar, keep reading.

While doing some research, I found that several Pay-per-click (PPC) companies allow you to add their results into your website. This means you can display their ads on you site and you earn a part of the revenue generated from every link that’s clicked.

Upon further investigation I also noticed that these PPC companies are now using XML to send you their results. This displays the ads on your site in html which means you now have “search engine friendly” keyword specific content to freely display on your site. Plus, the content frequently updates which adds a bigger boost to your potential search engine rankings.

Then I found out about this remarkable tool that actually makes it so simple to add the PPC results to your page anyone can do it! It’s called PPCProfitMachine and believe me, it is awesome. PPCProfitMachine is a PHP script (more like a tool) that allows you to easily add PPC data from SearchFeed, FindWhat, RevenuePilot and EnhanceInteractive diretly to your website.

Even more amazing is that it includes a PPC Search Engine feature that allows you to add a search box to your website that gets it results directly from the PPC companies. This means that users can search anything they want to directly from your website and when they click on the result they like, you get paid!

And, it takes advantage of the XML feed which means you get Search Engine friendly html content that is keyword specific for free! Taking it another step further, PPCProfitMachine actually uses specialized javascript links that help maximize you internal PageRank by minimizing the effects of outbound links.